El Nino doesn't have anything on our Zen dogs!

Winston all bundled up after a great walk!

Netti's poof is still looking fabulous in this weather!

Bravo will play ball any kind of day!

Fasltaff is just too cute in his beach towel!

Rosie, such a good girl braving the dog park!

And then Rosie got all nice and cuddly after her wet play session!

Rafa loves exploring on these cloudy days!

Dotty was delighted on walking in the rain, we're still working on Teddy!

Samantha and Bernini can't wait to go for their next walk!

Sasha is looking fabuously fierce!

Gracie always comes prepared in her adorable yellow rain coat!

Sophie looks adorable all snuggled up in her comfy towel!

Orin and Ivan enjoy the sun peeking out!