We have another fantastic Zen Dog Spotlight for you! This week's feature we are excited to introduce you to our standard party poodles, the lovely Sylvie and always loyal Truman. These two are always a delight to walk around their absolutely gorgeous neighborhood, and they are always up for an adventure. Truman and Sylvie have recently been featured on our social media including: Instagram, @dogzenergy, Facebook,Twitter, and Pinterest.  Our team members always enjoy Truman and Sylvie's happy and high spirited energy! These two are without a doubt one of a kind, and after this awesome interview you will see just how entertaining they are! It's all yours Truman and Sylvie!

State your full name and let us know a bit about your background.

"We are Truman and Sylvie and we are standard party poodles. Party means we are a mix of colors, but we do enjoy a good fiesta!  I, Truman also respond to the names Handsome and Boo-Boo. I am three-years old and obviously extremely cute! My sister Sylvie is 6-we just call her Syl for short. I find her a bit bossy."

What’s your favorite toy and why?

Sylvie: "My favorite toys are anything made by UGG. Slippers and fuzzy boots especially. For some reason, my mom likes to keep them in her closet but I usually manage to get a hold of something. I like to take them into the yard and chew on them  and then leave them in the sprinklers."

Truman: "My favorite toy is something we call Ratty. I’m not sure why we call it that because it’s not a rat. It’s more like an unstuffed bunny. We got it at PetSmart."

Sylvie and Truman 3.jpg

What does your typical day consist of, and what would your ideal day include?

 "A typical day for us consists of morning stretches, a little vocal warm-up (barking)  and a yummy breakfast and nap. Then we head out for a long, brisk walk around town. We like to stop a lot for sniffs. We like to stand at Calumet Park and check out the surf and breathe in all the ocean smells. Sylvie likes to roll in the grass there. On a good day there will be something good and stinky to roll in like an empty lobster shell or a dead fish. We like to come back and have snacks, belly rubs and more naps. We have dinner together with the whole family. A few times a week we go to the dog park and run around with friends. An ideal day would include all of this plus we would get to bark at the UPS truck and mom would make juicy hamburgers for us."

Who is your best friend and how did you meet?

 "We are each others best friend but we also love our cousin Kylie who is a goldendoodle. Sometime we will all go to our grandmothers house together and run around and jump on the furniture and drool water on her floors!!!! Good times! Shout out to our friend Oliver!"

What is the one question you wish your human would stop asking you, and the one question you wish your human would never stop asking you?

 "One question we would like our human parents to stop asking us is, “Who did this?” like when something is found all chewed up on the floor or someone kicked all the pillows and cushions off the couch. The question we wish we would never stop hearing is,  “who wants a  treat?”"

 If you were going to win an award at the "Oscar Pet Awards" would you want to win it for  1.) Cuteness 2.) Heroism/Courage 3.) Sassiness 4) Loyalty 5) Fashionista.  Give us a quick example/story of why we should pick you!

Sylvie: "If I were going to win an award at the Oscar pet awards I would win for “ loveliest lady in all the land” (for obvious reasons)."

Truman: "If I were to win an award it would be for best companion because I always make sure to follow mom or dad from room to room and  even though I weigh over 60 lbs. I make sure to sit on them if they sit on the couch."

Any other insight you would like us to know? 

Sylvie:  "Love one another."

From Truman: "Party poodles rule!!!"

A big thanks to Truman, Sylvie, and their owner Jordana for participating in this week's Zen Dog Spotlight!