Welcome back to another awesome Zen Dog Spotlight featuring the absolutely charming and cutie pie, Perrito! The DogZenergy team always enjoys their adventures with Perrito especially his best bud Brandi. He's been featured in Thoughts of a Zen Dog: Perrito, showing us just how smart he is.  It's all yours Perrito!

State your full name and let us know a bit about your background.


 What’s your favorite toy and why?

"Squeaky ball because I like to fetch and chew on it."

What does your typical day consist of, and what would your ideal day include?

"First, an AM trip to the beach with my owner where I run into my friends. Then, I have a mid-day walk, an evening walk followed by wrestling with my owner after dinner."

 Who is your best friend and how did you meet?

"My owner Pete is my best friend. We met at an adoption event. Although I was initially shy, he cared for me and played with me until I learned to love him. Now I follow him around non-stop!"

What is the one question you wish your human would stop asking you, and the one question you wish your human would never stop asking you?

"Stop asking me if I want a bath. Keep asking me if I want to go to the beach."

 If you were going to win an award at the "Oscar Pet Awards" would you want to win it for  1.) Cuteness 2.) Heroism/Courage 3.) Sassiness 4) Loyalty 5) Fashionista.  Give us a quick example/story of why we should pick you!

"1. Cuteness! While strolling through La Jolla, I am frequently admired for my cuteness. People even stop their cars to ask about me. They love my spotted ears and adorable face!

Any other insight you would like us to know?

"Say hi to me in the neighborhood, give me a treat, and I will be your new friend. I love meeting other dogs, chicken, playing on the beach, and Brandi from DogZenergy!"

Thank you to Perrito and his hooman, Sara for participating in this week's Zen Dog Spotlight!

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