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This week our Zen Dog Spotlight is featuring our adventurous and absolute adorable golden retriever, Dempsey! New to DogZenergy this year, he is loved by everyone. Dempsey has been featured on our blog including:  Merry Christmas From DogZenergy, and Zen Dog New Year Resolutions, along with his too cute pictures posted on our Facebook and Instagram. Dempsey's happy and ready to go energy brings a smile to everyone he meets, and did we mention how much we love to walk him! Take it away Dempsey!

1. State your full name and let us know a bit about your background.

"Dempsey Nass. I was born in Chelmsford Massachusetts where I grew up with Morning, my mom and my 7 littermates.  When I was 8 weeks old I moved to New York City with Marjorie, where I lived my whole life downtown, in a neighborhood with lots of dogs. Marjorie decided it was time for us to move so in December we arrived in La Jolla.  I loved it when I visited last year and the year before. It's so nice to be outside all time, and go to the ocean every day and get my paws wet. Marjorie has a broken foot right now so she hasn't been able to walk me 3 times a day like she did in New York. But she tells me it will be better very soon."

2. What's your favorite toy and why?

"I love all balls, but especially tennis balls and chuck it balls. I love to run, run, run after the ball is thrown and bring it back. Basically if there's a ball in my mouth I'm happy. I also love stuffed toys, but I pull them apart really easily so they don't last very long."

3 What does your typical day consist of, and what would your idea day include?

"I wake up on Marjorie's bed and get my belly rubbed. Then I go out in the backyard and sniff around before breakfast. Marjorie is a really good cook so I hang around to have her roasted vegetables and everything else she makes. While her foot gets better I stay with her and keep my grandma and grandpa company. My ideal day would include walks at sunset. It's such a peaceful time."

4. Who is your best friend and how did you meet?

"My best friend is Sparki, a Portuguese Water Dog. His Mom and Marjorie are friends from her yoga class. I stayed with his family when I was little so the kids could get used to having their very own dog. Then Sparki came home and we were best friends right away! Whenever his family travels Marjorie and I stay at his apartment or house at the beach and we have the best time playing. I really miss running with him in Central Park. I hope to make some new friends in La Jolla soon."

5. What is the one question you wish your human would stop asking you, and the one question you wish your human would never stop asking you?

"I don't want Marjorie to stop asking me what I'm saying. After almost 9 years, she really understands my sounds. I've always been very vocal, even when I was a puppy, so it's the closest thing I can get to actually speaking like a person, but it works. I wish Marjorie would stop asking me if I can be any cuter. The answer never changes, it's no!"

6. If you were going to win an award at the "Oscar Pet Awards" would you want to win it for  1.) Cuteness 2.) Heroism/Courage 3.) Sassiness 4) Loyalty 5) Fashionista.  Give us a quick example/story of why we should pick you!

"I'm very photogenic so I think cuteness. But I also have lots of courage letting this guy do something called Acroyoga with me! I had the best time last summer down at the Hudson River."

7. Any other  insight you would like to us know?

"I'm so glad Marjorie found DogZenergy. Even though she broke her foot and can't walk at all much less walk me, I can have a wonderful time every day. Thank you so much!" 

Dempsey Nass doing Acroyoga!

Dempsey loves his Christmas present from Dogzenegy!

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