This is the art of kissing your best friend

Here's to wishing that this never ends

Kisses like promises that will always be...

This is the art of kissing-BEST FRIENDS!

-In Dire Need (lyrics)

How to Teach Your Best Friend to Give You A Smooch!

1.) Sit down in front of your dog or place them on your lap.

2.) Put a little peanut butter on your cheek (or lips, if you so chose).

3.) Point to the peanut butter, give the verbal cue "Kisses!" and demonstrate the hand signal, them let them lick it off.

4.) Hold a treat behind your back. Point to your cheek, say "Kisses", and give the hand signal. When they kiss or nose you, instantly mark it with "Good" and reward them with a treat.

Eventually, you can phase out the peanut butter and treats. Most dogs will learn this trick in just a few days. If you have a really shy dog, it may take a little more time.