It's truly amazing how many different types of dogs there are in the world. There's 160 lb. Great Danes and then there's 16 oz. Chihuahuas. Some dogs have dreadlocks and other dogs have no hair at all. Even though they're all dogs, it's important to take safety precautions when large dogs and small dogs mingle at dog parks. A precocious and brave little yorkie might wander up to a big playful lab and get squashed accidentally. Make sure that you are aware of the body language of other dogs and keep your little dog away from dogs that are especially play aggressive. A pomeranian can look a lot like the fuzzy squeeker toy at home. Also, some dogs have a higher prey drive than others and may take off running after a little dog that looks like a bunny. If you do take your small dog to a dog park that has all different kinds and sizes of dogs, you can put a spike collar or even a spike harness on him to give him a little protection. Not only will your dog look really hardcore and cool, but a big dog that clamps down on his neck will release his grip when he gets poked. DogZenergy also offers a Little Zen Dog Walk just for dogs under 20 lbs. Little dogs need to get their energy out too. Have fun and be safe!

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