What is the Magic T-Touch?

This simple training technique (T-Touch or Tellington Touch) is based on simple circular finger and hand movements over your animal's body. Just a little time a day can help release tension and increase your animal's body awareness while building self-confidence and intensifying their bond with you.


Check out all the things T-Touch training has proven to help and decide for yourself.

anxiety, excessive barking and chewing, jumping, aggressive behavior, fear, shyness, resistance to grooming, nervousness, excitability, car sickness, problems associated with aging, recovery from injury and illness, relieving muscle soreness, stress, circulation, lameness

How Do I Do It?

Check out this short video on YouTube



Follow these 4 simple steps:

1. Curve your fingers

2. Rest your hand gently on the animal's body

3. Use your fingers to lightly push the skin in one and a quarter circles, leading with the middle finger.

4. Slide hand to a new spot, repeat.


Keep your wrist soft and your breath steady.

Make sure you are moving the skin, not just rubbing over hair.

If your dog seems uncomfortable, just lighten the pressure.