Happy Valentine's Day from these adorable duos!

Truman and Sylvie make such cute Valentines!

It was love at first sight between Pippa and Dempsey!

Ivan and Orin wish you a very happy Valentine's Day!

See! We told you Pippa and Dempsey were really love birds!

Thelma and Louise are glowing with love!

Teddy and Dottie we're truly made for each other!

Gracie and Lucy always have a smile for each other, and everyone they meet!

And of course we have our fabulous eligible bachelors!

Bachelor #1: Jake, enjoys long walks, treats, and playing fetch. Don't let his rugged looks fool you he's a big sweetheart!

Bachelor #2: Falstaff, ladies enjoys really short walks on the beach, napping and eating of course!

Bachelor #3: Orin, enjoys football (Broncos), long steady walks, and he is always groomed ladies!

Bachelor #4: Ivan, is just like his brother Orin he enjoys football, slow steady walks, and is very well groomed!

Thank you to our DogZenergy team for the fantastic pictures, and especially to Jamie for the fabulous commentary on each of our bachelors!