We are going to start off our zen local groomer feature with Michele and her daughter Sydney of Gloria's Pet Salon located at 7730 Herschel Ave, in La Jolla. Take it away ladies!

When deciding on a groomer what specific traits should they have and what are the top 3 questions to ask?

Sydney    “Patience.”

Michele    “For me as an experienced groomer, first ask their experience. To me being kind to the animals is the most important part, and their safety. Safety for the animals and patience is more important to me than anything.  People’s animals are cared for properly and kindly, and they go home happy little dogs and not stressed out and scared. Second of all, their skills. Of course you want your dog to look nice , that’s important in the grooming industry. Their dog leaves and they get what they paid for. Nice cut, with their ears, nails done, and all the different things that are important to the owner who is paying money to have a service done. And then for me as a groomer who has been a teacher and also owned many shops, a reliable person to work with. Somebody who shows up for work. Reliable, clean, neat and orderly.  And also has a good customer service orientation.”

 How often do you recommend to get your dog groomed and why?

Sydney     “Of course it depends on the dog, but typically every 6-8 weeks, because their coat might get to long and then become matted.”

Michele         “This way everything stays kept up; empty the anal gland, check and clean the ears, and cut and file the nails. Any longer the dogs get super long nails, ears get full of hair, and possibly infections could start that you won’t notice if you don’t go every 6-8 weeks.”

What’s your favorite part about your job?

Sydney    “I mean I get to play with puppies all day, you know that’s kind of in it of itself. The customers too. Everybody’s so nice here, they’re just so awesome!  It’s fun to see all the really fluffy ones that come in, the really interesting jobs, like Max, who comes in every week. Big projects of fun!”

Fabulous Max, the standard poodle!

 How do you soothe a dog’s grooming anxiety?

Sydney    “We are a stress free environment. We will talk to them, low tones tend to work with that. And anything the dog isn’t comfortable with, we normally will try do it in a way they are comfortable with. If not, we can leave that part out.”

Michele     “We also have the other groomer sometimes hold, pet, and talk to them while somebody does something they may be scared of or aren’t enjoying.  If they are scared of getting their nails trimmed, we will have the other groomer pet and love on them while the groomer is doing the nail job on them.”

 How can I control my dog’s fur/shedding?

Sydney    “Coming in more regular is definitely a big help. The blow dryer blows out most of the hair. Brushing as much as you can, is always helpful, especially with the hairier dogs.” 

Michele    “Brush your dog frequently at home. It’s one way an owner in between grooming can get rid of the shedding. I recommend brushing way more than bathing. If you can’t bathe your dog brush it, it really makes a difference.”

Can I teach my dog to let me trim their nails?

Sydney    “I think it depends on the dog. Usually they are a little better for us than they are for mom and dad. Essentially with the brushing and the nail trimming you can definitely do it yourself. I know there are Youtube videos, but you should definitely talk to your vet before you attempt this.”

Michele    “You need to know how to do it first of all.  If you don’t know how to do it properly without cutting too short I recommend a professional. This way the dog doesn’t get afraid. If you do cut it too short one time, then they are going to be unsure of you from now on. You take a crash course in it first and than try it. And if your dog’s really fussy I jut really recommend a professional. It’s so much easier on them to have us do it quickly and no stress involved. 

Please share a funny/memorable grooming story.

Michele    “A lot of time people do not even recognize their own dog when they come back and they’ve had a hair cut. Of course it’s a dog that hasn’t had a hair cut in a long time. People have literally not recognized their own dog. You would think they know their own dog, but a lot of times they look so different the people will literally not recognize them. They ask “Is that mine,” or “Are you sure that’s her?” 

Sydney with adorable Teddy!

For more information regarding booking and the services Gloria's Pet Salon provides, please contact them at (858) 454 1150. Thank you to Michele and Sydney for agreeing to participate in our zen groomer blog feature!