On Thursday, March 17th we'll kick up our heels (and paws!) in celebration of

St. Patrick's Day. A little corned beef, some cabbage, and perhaps a nice cold beer. But what about your favorite four-leeged party animal...he can't have a beer- right?

Actually, several companies have created non-carbonated, non-alcoholic brews with pooches in mind. He'll be dancing an Irish jig when you break out one of the doggie beers listed below. Lucky Boy!


pecially formulated for the health and safety of dogs:

Just a few of the many brews out there for dog-loving humans:

Make sure you're only serving Fido a specially formulated non-alcoholic versions! Or your best friend will be sick as a dog the next day.


A true party animal never misses the chance to dress for the occasion.

Have any St. PAWtrick's Day outfits in mind?