My favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner with my family is sitting around the table holding hands and talking about what we are thankful for. Everyone is smiling, laughing and taking a moment to reflect on everything good in their lives. As this year is coming to a close I want to share with you 5 things that I am so very thankful for and I would love to hear what you are thankful for! 1) My family- both furry and non-furry. Family is everything to me and I am so grateful that I have such a wonderful loving family. I have the best mom and business partner in the world. I am so grateful to have her as part of my everyday life. I'm grateful that I live with my big "little" brother who is always there for me. I'm grateful for my dad and his corny sense of humor who showed me what it means to work hard and be brave enough to have your own business. I'm also grateful for my sweet loving boyfriend who loves dogs and all other animals as much as I do and who puts up with my crazy doggy lifestyle. I love my whole family so much and I'm so thankful for each and every one of them. I'm  also so very grateful for all of my awesome friends who are my extended family and for the DogZenergy team who I love like family. I'm so fortunate that all of our DogZenergy team members are so dedicated and so devoted to all of the dogs that we take care of.

2) It goes without question that I am so eternally grateful to dogs for being at the center of my life. Life without dogs would be so sad and empty. My dogs Daisy and Taj mean the world to me and make life worth living! They have taught me more about love, patience, responsibility, playing, cuddling, laughing and living, more than any other creatures. I'm so grateful for my extended family of dogs that we take care of everyday. Working with dogs is humbling, exciting, always different, always challenging and always an adventure. Thank you thank you to all of the dogs that have come into my life because each and every one of them have taught me lessons about people, myself and the experience of living on this planet in the moment.

3) I'm so grateful to live in La Jolla and to be part of such a close, special community for the last 7 years. There's no other place quite like La Jolla. The people who live here are so kind, helpful,  happy and wonderful. I want to thank the people of this community for embracing DogZenergy and letting us be part of their lives. DogZenergy wouldn't be where it is today without the support of all of our loyal customers. I want to thank all of our customers for being more than just clients and for embracing us like family and friends. I've learned so much from all of you and have appreciated all of your stories about life and business. Who needs business school when you have clients that are so willing to help and share their experiences?! Thank you so much to all of you!

4) This may seem cliche, but I'm so thankful for good health and my family's health. As some of you may know my mom had a big surgery a few months ago and she's doing so well now. I'm so thankful that she's living without pain now and that she can start living life to the fullest! I love her so much and I'm so happy that she's feeling better now.

5) I am thankful for every single day and I'm so thankful that my days are filled with dogs, laughter and happiness. This last year has been very challenging both in business and my personal life, but I've learned a lot about the power of the mind and looking at life in a positive light. I love the saying, "Happiness is not a destination, it is a way of life." Learning how to accept the "rough" days as challenges and to embrace difficult things as lessons is a mental practice that involves daily training. Through training dogs, I've learned that I need to actively and consistently train my own mind to stay positive and be responsible for my own happiness. I've found that being grateful for all of the things in my life on a daily basis is the best training exercise for a happy mind and a happy life.

A huge thanks to all of the DogZenergy dogs and their amazing humans! Happy Thanksgiving!

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