To ensure the best quality of care, we will meet you and your pup for a free meet and greet and bring a lock box for you so your key is kept safely on your property. To ensure your dog's safety and happiness, we'll go over your dog's favorite things (belly rubs, friends, treats, ball?) and your dog's least favorite things (squirrels, large dogs, strangers?), as well as your dog's daily routine. We want to know everything there is to know about your pup so that he or she has the best time under our care!

Once we decide on the absolute best care plan, you will be able to call us for anything you need or book directly on our Handlr App. Upon arrival of the visit, your dog walker will check in and you will receive a time-stamped notification that your dog's walk has started. You will be able to GPS track your dog and receive chat updates and photos about your dog's day. Upon completion of the walk, your dog walker will check out of the job to alert you that your dog is comfortable and safe at home.

Special Rates

We understand that each household situation is unique and care for your dog should be customized. Work all day? New baby in the house? Medical concerns? New puppy? We offer extreme discounts for dogs who need extra time outdoors during the busy work week, because we believe every dog deserves to be Zen and happy.