Do you find yourself calling your dog "Stinky" more often than not? Have you recently bathed your dog and he still clears the room with a malodorous odor? Here are 7 reasons why your beloved dog may smell funny...

1) A poor diet can result in not only a lack luster coat, but also a smelly oily one. A healthy, high quality, fresh, whole diet that is free of by-products, corn, soy, artificial flavors, and fillers will keep your dog in tip top shape.

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is a human-grade, raw dehydrated food that is full of veggies, fruits and meat. It will dramatically change your dog's health and improve his smelliness.

2) Ear infections are a very significant source of stinkiness. Dogs with long, flap-like ears are more prone to bacterial and yeast infections due to moisture getting trapped in the ear canal. If you are going to take your dog for a swim or if you're giving him a bath, be sure to use an ear cleansing solution with a drying agent and towel off the area around your dog's ears and neck as good as possible. It's also beneficial to get into a habit of cleaning your dog's ears once a week to flush out smelly ear gunk and keep your dog's ears free and clean of stinky bacteria waste.

3) Old, stinky collars are all too often a main source of smelliness. To keep your dog's collar odor free, take it off when you bathe your dog and use a collar that's just for baths. If you do keep your dog's collar on when your dog gets wet, be sure to take it off so that it can air dry otherwise it will smell really ripe and will make your clean dog smell gross. Leather dog collars get especially smelly if you keep it on when your dog goes swimming. Clean your dog's leather dog collar with leather soap and let it dry before you put it back on your dog. For nylon collars, scrub with dish soap and hot water, and then air dry.

4) Anal glands are the usual suspect for a very stinky situation. Unfortunately, some dogs are more prone to anal gland problems than others. You can detect a rear end problem by watching for bottom scooting, and excessive chewing and itching around your dog's tail. Groomers and veterinarians offer anal gland expressions and can usually relieve your dog's uncomfortable problem. A healthy diet will help prevent anal gland impactions and keep your dog free and clear of a smelly situation.

5) Another common source of doggy odor is bad teeth and unhealthy gums. Oftentimes, dog owners don't even realize that their dog may be suffering from fractured or rotten teeth and it may be causing a lot more damage than just bad breath. Infected teeth and gums can affect your dog's overall health and may spread to the rest of your dog's body, not to mention cause a lot of pain and suffering. To keep your dog's teeth squeaky clean, give your dog plenty of toys and chews to chomp on to prevent plaque build up. You can brush your dog's teeth regularly and have your dog's teeth examined and cleaned by your veterinarian. For older dogs or for dog's that are prone to teeth problems such as Yorkies and Pomeranians, a non-anaesthetic pet dental specialist will be able to regularly clean your dog's teeth without putting them under anesthesia.

6) Don't forget about your dog's dirty dog bed. Remember to regularly wash your dog's bed to keep it free of smelly bacteria and fleas. Make sure that you purchase a bed that has a removable cover so that you can toss it in the washing machine.

Molly Mutt dog duvet beds

are perfect for keeping your dog odor free because you can fill your dog's duvet with old clothes and blankets. This way, your dog will love that his bed smells like you, but you'll also be able to throw the whole bed in the wash. Other dogs beds have fillers that can never be washed and may be harboring all kinds of bugs. As an extra bonus, Molly Mutt beds are super stylish and your clean smelling pooch will love it!

7) Your dog may also be rolling in smelly smells. There are a lot of predictions about why dogs love to roll in the grossest things. It could be that dogs are trying to disguise their dog smell with another animals scent to ward off other predator animals. Others say that dogs are trying to "keep" the smell with them as they track the scent. My guess is that while we think dead seagull smell is the grossest thing we've ever experienced, a dog may think that it's a lovely perfume that smells amazing. The number one thing to remember is that dogs will be dogs and you'll never have a dog that smells like roses. However, there are certain things that you can do to keep your dog healthy and somewhat odor free. My friends think I'm crazy because I think my dog Daisy is the best smelling creature in the world. I just love smelling her muzzle and cuddling up with her. She is my seagull smell.

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Follow these tips and you'll absolutely love cuddling up to your healthy, clean, happy, good smelling pup!

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