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10 Fun summer activities and events for you and your dog in San Diego!

Woohoo! It's summer time! Which means tons of play time outside with our favorite furry best friends! Here's some of our most favorite things to do with our dogs during the summer... 1) Go to a dog beach to dig in the sand and go for a swim! We love Fiesta Island, OB Dog Beach and Del Mar Dog Beach. At Fiesta Island and OB Dog Beach you can have your dogs off-leash any time of the day, but at the Del Mar Dog Beach you must have your dog on leash during the summer. Always remember to bring a jug of water for you and your dog and a small drinking dish. If you offer your dog fresh water, he'll be less likely to drink salt water, which sometimes ends up in an unhappy dog later. Lots of water will also prevent heat stroke. Have fun in the sun, but make sure it's not too hot!

2) Take your dog for a dip in a pool or go dock diving at a nearby lake. Grab a fun floaty buoy toy or a Chuck-It and tire your pup out in the pool. Especially if it's too hot for a dog job.  A tip for pool swimming, be careful of your dog's paws running around hot concrete. We've known a few dogs that get so excited playing fetch in the pool that they end up with raw paw pads. Also, watch out for bulldogs and flat-faced dogs near water. Bulldogs have been known to sink and flat-faced dogs may have a harder time breathing while swimming.

3) Check out San Diego Pets Magazine for upcoming summer events. We'll see you at the SD Doggie Street Festival on July 18th!

4) Off to yoga? Don't forget your mat and your dog! Give doga a try! Leash Your Fitness and Furry Foster are putting on a Full Moon Doga Yoga and Bonfire event tomorrow night, June 13 at 6pm at Mission Bay. More info here. We really hope that howling at the moon is involved!

5)  Plan a Puppy Potluck BBQ! Dogs are social beings and love hanging out with friends. Ask your dog owning friends to come over with one human potluck dish and one pet-friendly dish to share with the crowd. Ask everyone to bring their dogs on-leash and to let the dogs get used to each other slowly. If everyone is getting along brilliantly, unleash them and let them run around the yard.

6) Drink wine for a cause and bring my dog?! Wine not! Every Wednesday (4pm-9pm) starting June 18, bring your dog to The Wine Pub and enjoy wine, human food and pet food from their yummy menu. 10% of your bill will go to Furry Fosters. Round up a few doggy friends and make it a date!

7) Plan a stay-cation for you and your pup! La Valencia is beautiful, historical and dog-friendly! We recommend staying the night there, going to brunch at dog-friendly Cody's the next morning and then walking the Cove to see the seals and chase seagulls. You can also pick up a dog training book at dog-friendly Warwick's and go shopping at Lululemon, all with your furry friend in tow.

8) Try paddleboarding or surfing with your dog! Does your dog love the water? Get your dog used to the board by treating your dog for standing on the board on solid ground. Once your dog gets used to standing on the board take him out to knee deep water and gently push your dog into a wave. We recommend using really long, big soft top boards. The bigger the board the easier it is for your dog to balance. A life vest is always a good idea too!

9) Turn on the sprinklers and let your dog run around in them. Channel your inner kid and jump in there too!

10) Sunset beach strolls - need I say more? Nothing better than ending a beautiful summer day on the beach with your dog. True happiness.

Have a fun safe summer!

Peace, Paws and Love,

The DogZenergy Team