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Who are my Local Vets in La Jolla? We Interview Dr. Breher of La Jolla Veterinary Hospital


Who are my Local Vets in La Jolla? We Interview Dr. Breher of La Jolla Veterinary Hospital

With some many different options of veterinary and animal hospitals to take your furry friends, we wanted to tell you a bit about all the awesome doctors you can choose from.


We are going to start in the La Jolla area first at La Jolla Veterinary Hospital with Dr. Julie Breher. First of all, let us just say Dr. Breher has more energy then a person in their 20's! She bounced into her sparkling examination room ready to go.  Since 1997, almost 20 years now she's been a veterinarian. Born and raised locally in University City, she completed both her undergrad and graduate school at UC Davis. For 8 years, inspired by James Harriet and also being told, "this was not something a woman can do," she was a dairy cow veterinarian in Central Valley.  Dr. Breher worked exclusively with small and big dairy cow herds. As she enjoyed her job immensely, she told her husband she would go as far south as San Luis Obispo, relocating to Monterrey. in 2009 she returned home to University City where her parents still live, and in 2010 she bought the practice La Jolla Veterinary Hospital. Did we mention she has a fantastic, energetic 4 year old chocolate lab named Clyde who we were privleged to meet!

What  are the top 3 questions to ask when deciding on a Veterinarian?

"It really depends on person’s philosophies, location, and cost. The top 3 medical questions include:

  1. What is your philiosphy and recommndation on preventive care?
  2. What is your philospy and recommendation on general anesthtetic procedures?
  3. What is your philosophy and recommendation on chronic pain managements? "

What’s the most common question you receive from a dog owner?

"Isn’t my dog the cutest one you’ve ever seen?!" How can you not love this answer.

What is the most common reason a dog comes to see you?

"Skin problems, (such as;) fleas, allergies, wounds, masses, lumps and bumps. Spring always bring on flea and allergy issues."

What is your favorite breed of dog and why?

"All breeds. Although I'm partial given my childhood to Samoyed, Newfoundland, and Retrievers."

How often should I bathe my dog"

"You should bathe a healthy dog once a month, however bathe them on Tuesday and befowel themselves on Wednesday, immediately bathing them is highly recommended. For a dog with medical issues, it could be possible to bathing them every day depending on the medical condition."

What is your number one piece of advice to give a client when getting a brand new puppy?

"Socialize and get good training! Behavioral problems are the number one reason dogs are euthanized. It is very rare to have a dog as puppy that is just not right. Wrong behaviors are often fostered as puppies, and it is much easier to intervene and correct when they are young."

Thank you to Dr. Breher  and the team at La Jolla Veterinary, for agreeing to be our first zen veterinarian blog feature! For more information please check out their website