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Zen Dog Art

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Zen Dog Art

There is nothing better than a paintbr

ush in my hand, the smell of oil paint and the relationship that I create with each and every dog that I paint. After staring at these beautiful faces of Zen dogs for hours and hours, it's hard to get them out of my head. I wake up in the morning thinking about all of the different colors and shapes and shades that dance around in my brain. How wonderful is it that a painting of a dog or a

human or an apple or whatever is, is just layers of different pigments that create the im

ages, feelings, and thoughts that our eyes absorb? How fun is it that our hands can create something so 'real' on such a flat surface? I find painting to be so fascinating, challenging and so entirely engrossing that it makes me so completely happy! The best part about an afternoon painting with my good friend, artist and teacher,

Becky Robbins

, is having our dogs lay by our feet in Becky's amazing studio. My dog Daisy is such a happy girl when her dog mom is happily painting. It's s

o much fun to do something tha

t you love to do with your dog right next to you. Becky and her dog Murphy meditate together every morning. Murphy s

tretches out on his side completely relaxed, happy and at peace. Enjoy each other and enjoy what you do because every moment is so precious!

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