Our name might be DogZenergy, but we love our good karma kitties too! Over the years we’ve taken care of many cats in San Diego, but we realize that our name can be misleading. That’s why we’ve decided to dedicated a whole new part of our company to our Karma Kitty Care program. We have so many cat lovers here at Dogzenergy that we want to make sure we specialize our cat sitting and make sure that we are training our staff to give top of the line care to our feline friends.


A lot of people assume that cats can just be left alone for long periods of time as long as they have a few litter boxes and enough food and water. But this is just not the case. Cats are often more independent than dogs, but cats really need consistency and attention when needed. A lot of cats suffer from separation anxiety, which can lead to behavioral issues and unwanted “displays of dissatisfaction”.


For example, a kitten that my husband rescued many years ago was separated from his mother when he was only a few weeks old. Because of this he had major abandonment issues and would be so distressed when left alone for a night that he would eliminate all over the house. It was extremely stressful for everyone and he quickly learned that he needed a reliable overnight cat sitter to ease his cat’s anxiety.


Another friend of mine had a cat who would mark his territory on her bed if he was left alone. He was neutered late because he was a tom cat found on the streets. Even though her roommates were home, he wanted to let everyone know that he was very distressed that my friend had left him to fend for himself. Many cats do not do well with change and have a tendency to communicate this by marking in unwanted places, crying out, scratching furniture or acting aloof and depressed.


Happy cats love routine. It’s so easy to make cats happy if you are able to meet their needs and expectations. Daily litter box scooping and weekly litter box disinfecting is so important for their well being. Water should be changed everyday and food should not always be available for your adult house cat. It should be given in measured portions every morning and night. Wet or raw food is also very important for their health to make sure they do not develop bladder or kidney issues later in life. Many house cats are severely obese because they are fed freely and  living indoors without the freedom to chase, run and climb outside. It’s so important to make sure they are getting the appropriate amount of food, exercise and mental stimulation. Cat wands, fake mice, and cat nip toys will keep your cat engaged and in shape. It will also lead to a happier and sometimes more cuddly cat after a fun game of chase with you.


Giving your cat a perch to look out the window is a great way to give them their own TV channel to the outside world and it’s a way to give them their own space away from other pets in the household. Mental stimulation is so important to keep your cat happy and stress free.



Kitty cuddles should always be given when a cat asks for it. It’s never a good idea to pursue a cat and “force” it into cuddling with you. If a cat comes up to you and sits on your lap, it should be looked at as a privilege. You are the chosen one! Cats love to have the sides of their face stroked, behind their ears scratched, or the base of their tail and back scratched. Gentle patting on their back and a stroke of the tail are also fan favorites. Avoid patting them on the top of the head or rubbing their belly. Every cat is different so it’s important to read their body language and respond to their cues.


If you are looking for a loving, dedicated, reliable cat sitter in La Jolla, Pacific Beach, UCT, Clairmont, Point Loma, Del Mar or any part of coastal San Diego, feel free to contact us for a free consultation. We would love to help you take the best care of your cat!