It’s that time of year again where we get to show our love for our favorite people and of course furry friends!  Here are 7 Local holiday gifts your pup will be sure to love!

Monster Size Fleece Bone Dog Toy. $17

What pup wouldn’t want to toss around and snuggle up with this soft and durable giant fleece dog bone toy!

IQ Treat Ball Smart Dog Toy. $14-$17

This smart ball will surely keep your pup puzzled and entertained! You decide how hard they have to work for that treat inside with an adjustable difficulty level setting.

Rippys Pull Apart Pig, Elephant, and Lion. $12

 A toy your pup can really sink their teeth into! Each detachable toy animal entices your dog with an “oink, snarl, and roar,” as this toy is made to ripped apart!

Mini Zisc Extra Tough Dog Toy. $13.50

Take your fetch game to the next level with the Mini Zisc, easy for dogs to pick up, recyclable  and made in the USA!

Peppermint Stripe Floating Rope Ball Dog Toy. $12

 A festive toy made of 100% cotton for your pooch to play tug of war, fetch, or chew on.

Holiday Dog Sweaters. $32-$45

Who doesn’t want to see their pup cozied up in a Holiday Dog Sweater! From Rudolph to snowflakes your pooch is sure to look absolutely adorable.

Holiday Bow tie. $18-$22

How very dapper will your dog look sporting one these adorable velcro bow ties. 

Feel free to visit Muttropolis in Solana Beach, La Jolla and Newport Beach, or go online to find any of the above items and so much more!

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But wait, who doesn’t love a good stocking stuffer!

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Seiba Dog Collars. $49.99-$130

Our friends at Seiba offer high quality dog collars that are hand woven in Southern Mexico by Indigenous Artisans. These one of a kind hand made collars are surely to make your favorite friend smile! Be sure to visit their website for these gorgeous dog collars and so much more!