We no longer have our ranch in Temecula that I grew up on, but I will always remember it as the special place that taught me to love animals and my family with all of my heart. My parents fostered my connection to animals at an early age by teaching me to care for everything from bunnies to dogs to horses to birds and even reptiles. My mom and I would ride and train horses all day and have our dogs with us everywhere we went. My mom Karen, who is our DogZenergy manager now, cared for our ranch and all of our animals with so much love, compassion and devotion that I owe it all to her for teaching me what it means to work hard and love a lot. Today we are still working as a team to care for all of our dogs, just at the beach and not on our ranch. Home is where the heart is though, and our hearts are with the DogZenergy dogs that we lovingly care for together everyday. Guess I always wanted to be a dog trainer! Just found this the other day while cleaning out my closets! Zen dog art circa 1995.