Five days a week, I drive around La Jolla and Pacific Beach and pick up some happy, excited dogs for a morning adventure. Most days we go to Dusty Rhodes dog park and other days we do an hour and a half walk along the coast. Lately we've been going to Fiesta Island because the daisies are in full bloom and are as tall as most of the dogs. It has been so cute watching all of the dogs leap for joy in the daisies as they bounce around in all of the flowers. They crouch down and then chase each other all over like crazy little hooligans! It's hard not to smile and laugh as they run all over! I love my job!! Here's a few photos from the last few weeks of my morning adventure group in action.... 

Daisy in the daisies

Ale, Soley, Nini, Willow and Taro

Handsome Taro

Cute little Ale with a big smile!

Little Rascal!